Mill Turn Integrex Machining Centers
D.P. Tool & Machine, Inc. has several Mazak Integrex Mill-Turn Machining Centers.  The Integrex machines provide D.P. Tool with the ability to machine complex 5th axis geometry parts in one set-up without the need for fixturing, which makes us more competitive.  Click here to view the Integrex Machine Specifications.  View the Picture Gallery of sample parts.

Machining complex components is our specialty!

Mazak Integrex Mill-Turn Machining Centers:

Advanced Multi-Tasking with Integrex® delivers maximum versatility and throughput for complex parts.

Integrex® is the marriage of a high-powered turning center and a full-function machining center to produce parts in a single setup.  It works to eliminate multiple setups, fixtures, tools, handling and waiting time, which simply add to your manufacturing costs.  In addition, Done-In-One machining brings dramatic reductions in lead-time and efficient lot sizes to satisfy customer JIT and cost demands.  Part accuracy is improved by eliminating multiple setups.

Integrex® Machining centers provide continuous 5-axis CNC control capabilities.  The Integrex allows D.P. Tool to be competitive on round parts with secondary operations, fully prismatic parts from solid, castings, or sculptured parts such as aerospace components and 3D mold type surfaces. 

Integrex 200-lllS

Integrex e-410HS

Machine Specifications:

Integrex® 200-lllS J-200 i300-S e-410HS
Chuck Size Main 10", Sub 8" 8" Main & Sub 10" Main & Sub 15"
Max. Diameter 19" 9.5" 25.9" 26"
Max. Length 40" 36" 59.8" 50"
Main Spindle 5,000 rpm - 30 hp 5,000 rpm - 20 hp 4,000 rpm - 35 hp 2,500 rpm - 30 hp
Milling Spindle 12,000 rpm - 20 hp 12,000 rpm - 10 hp 5,000 rpm - 20 hp 12,000 rpm – 30 hp
Second Spindle YES Servo Tailstock YES YES
5th Axis Full 5th Axis X,Y,C,B-1 Degree Full 5th Axis Full 5th Axis

If you need more information please check out the Mazak USA Website.

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