D.P. Tool & Machine, Inc. has a wide variety of advanced technology machining centers to meet your manufacturing requirements competitively.  We are known for machining/turning the complex parts that other companies no quote.  Our 5th Axis machining capabilities allow us to manufacture most parts in one operation eliminating additional fixturing costs.  The exceptional Mazatrol Conversational Programming capability allows us to program quickly on the machining center reducing the overall lead-time and associated costs.  The addition of our Cybertech 4500M has enabled us to turn large shafts up to 33.8" in diameter and deep bore capabilities with a total travel of 120".  The newest large turning center is our Mazak Mega Turn 900M Vertical Turning Lathe with the capability to turn 36.2" in diameter x 31.5" long.  We have added several new Studer S33 CNC Cylindrical Grinders which adds a new capability.  The ability to cylindrical grind tight toleranced parts in house helps us control the most critical manufacturing process.  Click here to view our Facilities page or select the Picture Gallery to see sample parts.


Machining Equipment Summary:

  • (2) New 5'th Axis Machining Centers, Mazak Vari-Axis i700's
  • Variety of 3 & 4 Axis Mazak CNC Machining Centers (13)
  • Largest Vertical Machining Center envelope size: X=16" x Y=65" x Z=20" & X=20" x Y=50" x Z=20"
  • Largest Horizontal Machining Center envelope size: X=41" x Y=31" x Z=34"
  • Flexible Manufacturing Palletech Systems (44) & (14) Stations 
  • Mazak CNC Turning Centers (24)
  • Largest turning envelope up to 36.2" Diameter x 31.5" long, longest travel 120" long @ 33.8" in diameter.
  • 5 Axis mill/turn (Integrex Machining/Turning Centers) 
  • Twin Turrets & Twin Spindles (Multiplex Turning Centers)
  • Turning with live tooling
  • Gantry load/unload Robots
  • Pallet shuttles
  • Sub spindles
  • Bar feeders
  • (2) Studer S33 CNC Cylindrical Grinders
  • Wire EDM (Thickness capability up to 18.0” thick.)
  • Manual lathes, drill presses, milling machines, surface grinders, Jig Bore, Large Radial Arm Drill Press
  • (4) Automatic cut-off saws, band saws
  • Gantry and Boom Cranes support material handling requirements
Advanced Technology Machining Centers provides cost savings on your product!

Our Studer S33 CNC Cylindrical Grinders provide a new capability that could be utilized on your next project!