Frequently Asked Questions
D.P. Tool & Machine, Inc. has listed several frequently asked questions for your review. 

Customer confidentiality is very important to us. Projects and designs are considered confidential and a Non-Disclosure Agreement supports our position.

Will you accept a credit card payment?
Yes, a credit card payment is accepted once a customer becomes approved by management.

Can you handle special custom projects?
Yes, Engineering/Research and Development Firms utilize D.P. Tool & Machine, Inc. for single piece custom designed projects. 

Can you assist me with my product design?
Yes, once a company selects D.P. Tool & Machine, Inc. as their manufacturing partner we collaborate with the Engineering Team during the early stages of design offering economical manufacturing solutions.

Can you coordinate the entire procurement supply base on complex machined parts or electro-mechanical assemblies?
Yes, we have developed an exceptional supply base over the years and will procure the necessary products or services to complete your project.

Will you provide my company with a complete assembly?
Yes, we provide complete assemblies or full automated production equipment as required. 

Can you manufacture parts that do not have a geometric print or CAD Model?
Yes, we can inspect or reverse engineer a part to obtain the necessary dimensions to replicate the component.

Can you ship product internationally?
Yes, we currently ship products outside of the USA.

Are you competitively priced?
Yes, we are known for providing economical pricing to meet your cost initiatives.

How fast can you complete my project?
We understand that time to market is very important to be successful in today’s manufacturing environment therefore we strive to provide the necessary resources to complete your project as fast as possible. It is difficult to state an exact lead-time since the complexity level of the design influences the lead-time however we typically turn around product in 2-3 weeks or less.

Have you worked with the USA Government?
Yes, we have worked on government jobs and we are registered with an active CAGE Code.
Please contact us if you have any other questions!